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The Daily Memo            Case Study            About Us
A Full Guide On How 325 Word "Daily Memos" Makes My Business $183k Per Month 
(And how I packaged & sold them as a copywriting service for $60k per client)


  • How 325 words per day generated over $700k in 4 months for the toughest niche online (genuinely, I don't think there's a more skeptical market to sell to).
  • How we sold our first two copywriting clients for a $120k per year recurring (this is seperate from the $700k generated in our own business).
  • Why it was so easy.
  • ​What to avoid.
  • ​Case studies, stories, and a non-scripted video walkthrough (seriously, this was so off-the-cuff it's a little embarrassing).
  • ​Proof... See tracking sheets, stripe payments, and calendars full of high ticket prospects.
  • ​Google doc walkthrough.
  • Get on the email list and swipe our 325 word daily memos.

That's $183k per month. Full transparency I had no friggen clue this would work so well.

Dump this money into someone's business account with one daily task and get paid handsomely. Do it for 3-4 businesses and you're rich.

Our very first client's high ticket calendar. This happened on day one. See details inside the case study here.

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